New Datumate Software

New DatuGram™3D Software

Datumate is changing the civil engineering and architectural spaces by applying image-processing technology to reduce the amount of time surveying teams spend in the field, while preserving a high level of precision. DatuGram™3D, Datumate’s flagship product raises the productivity and status of the numerous worldwide customers utilizing it today for surveys of roads & intersections, stockpile volumes, topography, piping, industrial facilities, bridges, property surveys, building facades for architecture and restoration, and more.


DatuGram™3D Features

-Intuitive & Simple

Enjoy a user-friendly interface for the complete field-to-plan process


-Precision & Reliability

Reach survey grade accuracy using a normal camera


-Save Time & Lower costs

Boost productivity, save precious field & office time, and decrease inaccuracies & errors


-Build Your Business

Manage more projects and monetize advanced delivery


Additional features include Simple and accurate camera calibration, automatically link all images using state-of-art image-processing technology, Quickly geo-reference using just a few control points, ability to draft objects and make measurements right on images, and automatically create topographic points, review the measurement accuracy of each point using color-coded scheme.


DatuGram3D Brochure

DatuGram3D V4.5.1 User Guide

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