Used Trimble™ R7 System

Used Trimble™ R7 System

The Trimble™ R7 system is an essential piece of GPS technology and is a must have for any serious surveyor. Surveyors understand the importance of accuracy while on tough assignments. With a used Trimble™ R7 taking your readings, you won’t have to worry about accuracy or connectivity issues in the field ever again. Whatever kind of surveying job you have – topographical, land administration, seismic, stakeout, control, etc. – the Trimble™ R7 GPS system will work for you.


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Used Trimble™ R7 Specifications

  • 2 Antennae for Whatever the Job Requires
    With used Trimble™ R7’s you are able to choose what mode you need for different surveying situations. If you need to use it as a base, simply install the Zephyr Geodetic 2 antenna. To turn it into a rover, install the Zephyr-2 antenna instead. The functionality of used Trimble™ R7s is remarkable, and its ability to work as both a base and on the pole makes things much easier for any surveyor.


  • Improved Positioning
    Additionally, used Trimble™ R7 GPS systems have 3 OmniSTAR positioning levels available for use. The used Trimble™ R7 is able to track both satellites and GLONASS, which allow it to deliver precise data from wherever your job site may be. Be confident in the field that your data will be accurate with the Trimble™ R7 GNSS GPS system as your main piece of surveying equipment.

If you are in need of a used Trimble™ R7, you won’t want to miss out on the deal we have for our last 5 units.


Each unit comes complete with all new batteries, cables, antenna, and other accessories.

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