Your Equipment Needs to be Working as Hard as You Do.

Survey Equipment Repairs


You need a working product more than anyone. Having a system that fails in the field means you could be stranded there with nothing to show the office. The last thing you want is to come up empty handed after working all day. When it comes to surveying, the equipment needs to work as hard as you do. That’s why AGS provides Survey Equipment Repairs.


If your equipment fails, and you need it repaired efficiently, then we are just the company you are looking for. At AGS, we are well versed in the various issues that can plague surveying equipment. There are few problems we haven’t seen before and few that we can’t fix. With us on your side, we’ll have your rig up and running in no time.


What Does Your Survey Equipment Repair Department Do?


AGS is an authorized Trimble Navigation survey equipment repair facility. When surveyors who use Trimble products have issues, they trust us with their tools. They know that we understand exactly what the problems may be and how they need to be addressed.


We assess the issues with the equipment with a preliminary phone call. Through this phone call, our team at AGS will be able to appropriately determine exactly what is going wrong with your unit. Our repair shop is well aware of the entire Trimble survey and mapping technology line so we are well aware of most of the issues that commonly plague the instruments.


There are instances where a simple phone call will be enough to rectify any of the problems that our customers may be having, which makes things easier for all parties involved. Not that we don’t love helping our customers in person, but we know that those customers typically would rather be in the field troubleshooting than bringing in their equipment to be fixed and losing precious work hours doing so.


What Happens If You Can’t Fix It Over the Phone?


Unfortunately, some survey equipment repair issues just can’t be fixed via telephone. In those cases, we need to have the equipment sent to our shop. AGS is committed to getting your equipment back to normal as soon as we can, so once we decide we need to see it in person we issue the customer an RMA number.


An RMA (return material authorization) number is required so that we can thoroughly check all of the potential issues that are causing you problems in the field. We issue the RMA once we have received the model number, serial number, and an exact description of the malfunction that is present in your unit.


Repair Process and Rental Options


After a short while, the unit will arrive at our survey equipment repair department, where our experts will begin working on fixing the problem. We take pride in getting any ailing unit back to working order and in your hands as soon as possible. That being said, our technicians will take the ample time necessary to make sure the problem is well and truly fixed before returning it to you.


Once the technician has looked over the instrument, we will notify you of a timeline for completion and a price to fix the problem. Should you require something in the meantime, AGS offers various gently used units for rent at a discounted rate. We know you need to return to the job site, so if there’s any way to make your job easier we will find a way to help.


If you need repairs to an instrument or require a rental, don’t hesitate to call.

Need to Send us your Equipment for Repairs?

Please fill out the RMA form below. Tell us a clear and specific description of problem for each item. State whether the product is under warranty or not.


Upon receipt we shall get you an RMA#, please include a copy of it with your shipment.


Download RMA Form

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