Inertial Navigation GPS

Used Inertial Navigation GPS

Another piece of equipment available at AGS is the Used Inertial Navigation GPS system or B-PINS. This portable unit is encased in hard plastic and is able to go wherever you need it to. Only weighing 33 pounds, it’s the perfect weight for any longer surveying missions. Its laser range finder makes accuracy a non-issue, and its long-lasting batteries will keep it functioning for as long as you do. AGS is carrying units that only have 6 months’ worth of field use, so you can be certain that they will work like new.

Used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS

When the job requires mobility, you can’t be stuck lugging around a lot of equipment. Surveyors need enough freedom to move around and do their jobs properly. Having an all-in-one system makes the work a lot simpler. If you are in the market for an all-in-one GPS unit, you should consider renting or purchasing a used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS system. With a B-PINS system, you’ll be able to get all your work done a lot more efficiently than before.


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Used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS

  • Travel Light
    When surveying, it’s better to have a lighter pack. A lighter pack means ease of travel, and the terrain being surveyed can be less than welcoming. The used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS systems are 33lbs each and are ergonomically designed for any surveyor. They have been field tested in tough conditions and are more than able to withstand whatever the job throws their way.


  • Improved Accuracy and Precision Measurements
    There have been some additions made to this updated version of the B-PINS. Installed into the used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS system is a laser range finder to help locate and identify precise stake locations. This addition increases the accuracy for your client’s survey missions. The wireless solution in the used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS systems ensures connectivity from wherever the job takes you. The batteries contained within the system are also able to keep the pack powered for 16 hours, which means it will work as hard as you do to help you complete the task at hand.

We are offering an exciting opportunity to purchase your own used Zupt Inertial Navigation GPS.

The units are each 2.5 years old and were only in the field for 6 months


They come with a PDF brochure.

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